"CAT 665"

"Aussi longtemps que je me souvienne, j'ai des crayons et du papier en face de moi!"

"As long as I can remember, I have pencils and papers in front of me!"

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Pour toute demande d'information ou de produits, veuillez me contacter par ma boutique Etsy.

If you wish to contact me for information or product inquiries, please contact me through my Etsy store.  



Les témoignages ci-dessous sont tels qu'écrits par les clients et ne sont pas traduits - The testimonials are as written from my customers and are not translated.

 "Shipped perfectly on time. A lovely piece, that I have already worn dozens of times. Get compliments every time!"  - Nancy

"Very pretty, just as described! Arrived quickly." - Susan

 "I have one of these necklaces for myself and I bought one as a gift for a friend. She absolutely LOVES it! Great quality, well put together, quick service and a great and creative way to show love for a pet! I get soooo many compliments on mine :-)"  - Cara

"The quality is beyond perfect, my mom loved this and she couldn't be happier with it 5 stars, thank you Lucie!" - James

"Gorgeous pillow, exactly as described. Pics don’t do it justice! Thank you!" - Kristin
"Beautiful pillow, so happy I got this!" - M.